Our story.

The Soapbox Project is a small family run enterprise. 

It was set up to demonstrate that no matter how bad things seem, there is always Hope. We can always be the agents of change. 

For every conditioning shampoo bar you buy, we save up to six plastic bottles being produced. Our aim is to make it easier for everyone to make a small changes in their habits that could have a big knock on effect.  

We hope to expand our range to include more plastic free bathroom products - suggestions very welcome. 

But that's only half of our story....

The Soapbox Project believes that engaging young people in Social Enterprise gives them the opportunity to gain confidence in themselves, to connect positively with society  and to develop the skills (particularly business) needed to progress in their chosen pathways.  

To this end we support a non-profit dedicated to working with disadvantaged young people - Emagine Training & Development  CLG. It is an Irish registered non-profit Company.  It's board is made up of a small team of extremely dedicated youth and community workers. Their mission is to give young people the confidence to be agents for change, to play a role in their communities and to craft their own futures.