Organic Facial Cleansing Bar

Organic Facial Cleansing Bar

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These beautiful Heart Shaped Soaps are made with a 100% Natural Organic Base certified by COSMOS or African Black Soap which is reported to heal acne and has antibacterial properties.. They all contain Organic Rosehip Oil, Kaolin Clay and Vitamin E Oil.

They come in four varieties 

  • Green: Tea Tree Essential oil,
  • Blush Pink: Rose Essential Oil,
  • White: Lavender Essential Oil 
  • Black: Cedar Wood Essential Oil

The different elements work together to help:

  • Gently draw out excess sebum and oil (Kaolin Clay, Lavender Essential Oil)
  • Nourish and Moisturize the skin naturally (Vitamin E. Rose Essential Oil)
  • Provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action to soothe skin & reduce flares-ups (Tea Tree Essential Oil, African Black Soap, Lavender Essential Oil))
  • Heal light scarring (Organic Rosehip Oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Rose Essential Oil)
  • Regulate sebum with Vitamin A and Linoleic Acid (Rosehip Oil)